By submitting your images for the Camera Phone “Shoot Out” Fotography Competition, the participant agrees to abide to all rules and regulations which govern the competition.


  • The competition is open to all visitors and spectators who attend the Multi-Disciplinary Sports and Fitness Competition and EXPO 2016 (MDSFCE2016) only.
  • To qualify for the competition, images submitted must be associated to MDSFCE2016, the on-going competitions and activities on 5th or 6th November 2016. Images not associated to the theme will NOT be selected for the Camera Photo “Shoot-Out” Fotography competition.
  • Before submission, participant must ensure that they follow the show on Instagram @sportsnfitness_asia.
  • All images posted are to hastag #sportsnfitness_asia in order to join the competition.


  • Images can be edited on any photo editor and collage application/software found on the camera phone.
  • Each participant can only submit up to 5 images.
  • Camera phone’s lenses are encouraged be used in order to project better colour contrast and sharpen images.
  • The submission will commence from 10.00 am on 5 November 2016, Saturday and close at 8.00 pm on 6 November 2016, Sunday.
  • We encourage image submissions even after the show closes. But do be advised that late submissions will not qualify for the competition.


  • By submitting an image for the competition, the participant will be regarded as having granted the organiser the right to use the image in print, broadcast and/or electronic media without any fee payment, for the purposes of promoting the competition or areas of sports and future associated events.