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Salsation™ is a Dance Workout that converts functional training protocols into innovating dance moves.

The word “Salsation™” has been taken from (Salsa & Sensation). SALSA: not from the rhythm / musical gender but from the spanish word “SALSA” that actually means “sauce”, because it is a spicy mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances and fitness protocols. SENSATION: the program has a strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression as well as on how the human body function.

Why Salsation™ ?

The difference between other workout programs, is that Salsation is carefully design to integrate functional body movements into all the dance routines working out in a 3D fashion using all planes of motion It’s not only easy and fun but you can do it for life improving your mobility and stamina no matter your age. For more information, please watch our Video1 and Video2 on Salsation!

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