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Exhibitors having Raw Space area may employ a contractor of his choice to construct and install any stand they may require. The name of the contractor must be given to the Event Secretariat by completing the Technical Form. Stand facilities listed are subjected to change at the discretion of the Event Secretariat without prior notice.

If exhibitors do not want any item in the standard stand package, they must accept that the given packages do not allow any item exchange and there will be no compensation or replacement with other equipment.

Additional furniture and electrical items can be rented from the Official Stand Contractor. Please place your order by completing the respective technical forms and returning these by the stipulated deadline.

No drilling, screw, paint, nail or fixture of any kind are allowed to be affixed onto partitions, floor or ceiling.

Exhibitors are liable for any damages to their stands, fixture & fittings and the Exhibition venue, where caused by them or by any person or persons employed or engaged on their behalf. The cost of repair of any damages will be assessed by the Official Stand Contractor and charge accordingly to the exhibitor. The Event Secretariat, together with Venue Representative, will inspect the hall before and after the event.