An Inaugural Professional Sports FotoGraphy Competition took place last June 2015.  Both the STUDENT and OPEN category received an overwhelming response. However the overall triumph was limited as majority of our spectators & visitors were not able to participate in the professional fotography competition directly.

This year, we want EVERYONE with a camera phone to join in and participate in our Camera Phone “Shoot-Out” Fotography Competition! Participants do not have to buy or subscribe to any program in order to join in the FUN and EXCITEMENT!

Simply bring your camera phone to the Multi-Disciplinary Sports and Fitness Competition & EXPO 2016, take your best Shot, Upload and Share your images with the hastag #sportsnfitness_asia for the competition. Also, participants have to follow us on Instagram in order to qualify. It is FUN, EASY and you could be the potential WINNER  we are looking for! For more details, please refer to the Participation Note of the competition.

Register for your free badge and entry here.

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